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Friday, 17 February 2012

Time for some history ! C4D or "The Past"

Hello everyone ! I decided to write a little about my history as a modeller. I'll post some pictures of my very first models and you will see how I progressed. So lets begin.

Lets begin with the video that made me so interested in 3D !

After seeing this video I downloaded the trial version of Cinema 4D and started playing around. It was confusing at first but fortunately there were tons of C4D websites and forums with free tutorials. One that is worth mentioning the most is  C4D Cafe.

So after getting used to the UI and controls I started doing some modelling.

This is my first model ever. I modelled it using Cinema 4D. This was pretty exciting for me back then.

Doesn't look as good as it looked then but it sure brings back fun memories. Few more models

After a few weeks of playing around and gaining some understanding of how the modelling process works and after a fair few tutorials I started challenging myself by doing more complex things.

This violin for example would be an example of what I accomplished in few months after modelling the spoon. At this point I already had a basic understanding of splines and NURB surfaces. I also had an idea of how materials work though I didn't get into that until my University course.
More pictures:

After more than a year of modelling I decided I wanted to model a character. I began by taking a male model that comes with C4D and "Customized" it. I remember I was really proud of this model though it seems I had no real idea of what I was doing.

This took me some time to finish.

This is the last model I made with Cinema 4D.

Models you saw here are not necessarily my best pieces. These models are like milestones in my path as a modeller. I will continue another day with another part of my history where I will show you some of my works that are done with 3D Studio Max and other software packages. I might also update this post with more pictures since I have tons of them. 

Peace out !!



  1. Wait, those are models? Lies, it's a photo! No but really, awesome work, looking forward to your next creations! (Especially liked the Nanosuit)

  2. Okay, this is something I was lookin for, Following +1 man!!

  3. Nice progress man, keep it up ;)

  4. Great stuff you've made there, dude. Wish you luck in the future. :D

  5. Very nice, this must have been a hell lot of work. I've worked a bit with 3d models in the past and tried it myself, but I would never reach this level!

  6. Cheers for nice words people !

  7. Impressive stuff here, a friend once tried to teach me some modelling, the most I could make a was a sphere heh.

    Thanks for the follow btw.

    1. aye. I hear ya. Modelling is certainly not for everyone ...